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Make Your Backyard an Extra Room with Exterior Lighting

Make Your Backyard Another Room to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting.

Working long hours and never get to enjoy your yard? Make your space usable at night with outdoor lighting. Many people work past sunset, and they often don't have time to enjoy their backyard.   Create an evening oasis by adding outdoor lighting, and your garden is immediately transformed into usable space.

The backyard is another room to a home not fully utilized. With well-planned lighting, a Zen-like quality can be added to any setting.  Highlight points of interest such as cherished trees, enchanting gardens, fountains and ponds with exterior lighting fixtures. 

Trending now is light-emitting diodes, or LEDs used for effect, style and design.  The lighting is subtle and attractive, rather than overpowering.  LEDs are also far more energy efficient than conventional bulbs.  Exterior lighting fixtures with built-in LEDs or LED options often come with a lifetime warranty.

Low-voltage lighting is another recent trend in outdoor lighting. Most homes use 120 volts of power, while low-voltage lighting uses about 12 volts, eliminating the need for deep trenches that hold the wiring. Low-voltage lights can be used for down-lighting or for up-lighting.

Spot Lights

Spot lights are vital fixtures for highlighting elements of your landscape.  Spot lights add the most visual appeal for featuring elements such as, foliage, trees and hardscape elements. 

Step Lights

Form and function is combined with step lighting.  Not only visually pleasing, step lighting provides an added safety measure for home and garden outdoor evening stroll.

Underwater Lights

Highlight ponds and fountains with underwater lighting is an essential element, creating an attractive and subtle illumination for outdoor water elements.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is the perfect way to add style and safety to a walkway.  Lights should be placed about 6 feet apart from one another and staggered on either side of the path.  Consider the light output of your fixtures to determine spacing that keeps the flight from overlapping.

High Quality Fixtures

The best industry standard for outdoor landscape lighting fixtures is solid brass.  Companies such as Lighting Factory USA, Best Quality Lighting and Lighting Valley carry solid die-cast brass fixtures, many with built-in LED bulbs, low-voltage bulbs and LED bulb options.

Solid brass does not corrode or tarnish and can withstand the harshest coastal conditions.  Attractive finishes come in antique bronze, silver and Verde (green).  For long lasting, durable exterior lighting fixtures, nothing beats the quality of solid brass.  Solid brass is best, according to exterior landscape lighting professionals.




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