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Best Quality Lighting Features New Product!

Best Quality Lighting introduces a New Product: Surface mount step lights with built-in LEDs and sleek brushed nickel finish.

Check out a revolutionary new product from Best Quality Lighting, an industry leader in outdoor/exterior landscape lighting supplies.

Best Quality Lighting (BQL) introduces a sleek, appealing new surface mount step light series.  Features include: brushed nickel finish; easy application; low-voltage LED built-in bulbs; and a lifetime warranty.  Part of the BQL Thinline SeriesTM, these revolutionary step lights illuminate a soft, warm light setting the tone for a perfect outdoor ambience.  Solid die-cast brass manufacturing, a BQL standard, is considered the highest quality fixture among industry professionals. 

Attractive brushed nickel finish and weather resistant solid brass balance the beauty of form and practicality of function.  Durable die-cast brass manufacturing, a BQL standard, can withstand harsh coastal conditions.  These new surface mount step lights are designed as a no hassle, non-invasive solution to simplify the planning, installation and maintenance for outdoor hardscape lighting fixtures.

Lifetime warranty is a BQL promise.  Same day shipping guaranteed. 

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