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Lighting Your Twilight Garden

Lighting Twilight Gardens

What is the Best Lighting for Twilight Hours?

LED Lighting elements and fixtures are the latest trend among consumers and professional landscape designers, especially in urban gardens.

Small spaces are challenging when considering plants, hardscapes and lighting. Urban professionals spend more time outside after dark, during twilight hours. Early morning light is naturally beautiful, but it is often the artificially-lit evening gardens that shine.  Lights, especially outdoor lighting with built-in LED bulbs, are the most pleasing, efficient and effective resource for creating an outdoor garden design.  LED lighting is established as the best choice for urban spaces, industrial parks and homes.   Architects, contractors and lighting designers prefer LED lighting fixtures made of solid die cast brass over any other lighting choices.

LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lights have a long lifetime.  They are cost effective and work well as recessed lights in paving, decking, step lighting, pathway lighting, and leveling around a home, apartment, or terrace.

Plants and LED Lighting Solutions

Plants soak up light. It takes a great deal of light to highlight a plant or tree successfully. Up lights are lights that are ground mounted, either recessed into the ground or on a moveable spike; these lights are an excellent choice for highlighting plants or architectural structures.

Yucca, phormium, dicksonia, phyllostachys and trachycarpus all look dramatic when up lit at night. The light diffuses up the plant and softly away into the night, which means that it does not cast great halos into the night sky. In city settings, urban light pollution is a problem for migrating birds, bats and insects.  Soft LED lighting fixtures solve the light pollution problem and are a preferred green solution for migrating creatures. 

LED Lighting and Surrounding Areas

Another important to consideration when selecting lighting is neighboring properties. Harsh lighting will wash out the gardens and landscapes of surrounding areas.  LED lighting fixtures are soft, intrusive and environmentally safe.  Free of toxins, such as mercury, LED lighting fixtures prove to be a green solution for any outdoor landscape design.

Light and Design

Light looks best when contrasted with dark elements.  When considering garden designs, light and shadow can be maximized to create dramatic effect. A simple brick or painted wall can serve as a backdrop for shadow casting.  Leafy textured plants are the best for cast shadow effects.  When lighting a garden avoid a harsh wash of light over the entire scheme.  Lighting should focus on points of interest, highlighting different depending on the time of year. As a garden begins to defoliate in the autumn, it is not the foliage that is highlighted but bark and stems. Birch, Cornus and Prunus Serrula all have a beauty of their own in the winter and this beauty can be appreciated in the darkness, as well.

Best Metal for Exterior Landscape Lighting

Brass is the best choice for outdoor landscape lighting fixtures.  It is the longest lasting, most attractive, and most cost effective.  Brass is solid, durable, and resists corrosion, even in harsh coastal conditions.  Lighting industry professionals prefer brass fixtures over all other metals.  When shopping for exterior lighting fixtures, look for brass manufactured products. 

Lifetime Warranty

Find outdoor lighting companies that offer a Lifetime Warranty.  Brass fixtures are durable and corrosive resistant, backed by lifetime warranties from industry leaders in lighting supplies.

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