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Light Your Mood


Light Up Your Mood: The Ubiquitous Nature of Light

Does the right light make for a sunny mood?

Light strongly influences mood and cognition, according to recent researcher from the University of Southern California (USC).

Whether you are inside an office all day or confined by an urban environment, lighting and natural elements can improve your overall health and well-being.

Light exposure influences mood, emotional stability, decision making, and cognition.  Effects of light on mood disorders is a new frontier of study previously unexplored by scientists and psychologists.  Sunlight is an important role in human survival; lack of light in any environment proves detrimental to healthy living. Our connection to light is more powerful than ever imagined.


How Does Light Heal?

Extensive studies indicate sunlight is an important role in human survival. Lack of light in environments such as office work spaces and urban living spaces proves detrimental to healthy living. Light as a contributing factor in overall well-being is more powerful than ever imagined.  Human Centric Lighting (HLC) is a trending topic among consumers and lighting professionals.  Designing an urban garden with hardscape and spot lighting is popular among city dwellers seeking natural solutions to their brick and mortar urban environment. 


What is Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric essentially means LED bulbs and LED lighting fixtures.  Applications of LED lighting fixtures in outdoor environments and the psychological benefits is a revolutionary new concept.  LED lighting, or HLC, is cost effective, unobtrusive, easy to maintain, and has a longevity that makes it possible for lighting companies to offer lifetime warranties.

Global urban trends indicate people spend more time indoors. a more heavy focus is placed on optimization of healthy indoor environments overall. Long established psychological research demonstrates lighting has several potential influences on its users, ranging from disturbance of sleep cycles, mood disorders and even cancer pathologies. Shocking statistics about the increase in mood disorders, anxieties, and inefficiency in the workplace over recent decades have opened public and political awareness of the potentials of artificial lighting.

Light Your Brain

Light influences the brain, mood, emotions, and cognitive behavior.   Groundbreaking research reveals previously unconsidered factors in the etiology of mood disorders and the influence of artificial LED light. Also known as Human Centric Light (HLC), LED lights and lighting fixtures contribute to higher levels of physical, mental and emotional health.  Science research from major universities and health institutes have extensively studied the important role sunlight has on the survival of the human species. Bodily functions are closely related to the timing of the solar day, including sleep patterns, circadian rhythm, memory, decision making, and cognition. LED lighting or HLC provides an excellent substitute for lifestyles lacking natural light, such as office spaces and urban landscapes. 

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